What does “carousel child video or image is missing” mean?

Dec 2, 2021 | Digital Marketing

What does this error message mean: Carousel child video or image is missing: Video or image is not set for carousel child attachment. Please edit your ad creative and try again. (#1443225)

Hey! carousel child video or image is missing this means you have an unused or empty carousel card in your ad so run your ad you need to remove that card first.

So when we select Carousel as a format in ad set-up it will look like this

Now add images or video for your ad. by default they provide three carousel cards and if you want more you can click on Add Media to add more carousel cards.

Make sure you use all the carousel cards with valid Headline and destination URL

do not leave any blank or empty carousel cards.

You can add multiple images/videos in carousel ads but make sure you should remove the unused or empty carousel cards.

See I removed all the unused carousel cards so the error is gone. so you can remove the unused carousel cards by clicking on the pencil icon.

I hope it will help you


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