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It’s always fun to experiment

Digital Marketing to Drive Business Growth


Creating Your Online Platforms

We don't just design, we create a visual identity for your brand.


Think out of the box?

We program your idea


We create brand identities

Branding and graphic design both go hand in hand


Video Marketing In A World

Let's engage the audience together with great content


Everything is on cloud

Dive into the digital cloud, access data on the moon

Redefining Digital Marketing

Be granular, analyze thoroughly, market yourselves better! As a charismatic result-oriented firm, we inform, entertain & inspire you for potential lead generation, produce high-quality sales & improve ROI.

Our Services Let You Sail Smooth

We constantly strive forward to better strategize your business, provide you with the real-time website audit report, and a stagewise audience target strategy.

Website Design & Development

We have created attractive and responsive websites, filled our creativity with global clients.

Social Media Marketing

Community management, social media advertising, and social media campaign can be provided

Search Engine Marketing Optimisation

Increase the organic rank of your website on major search engines

Software Development & QA Testing

We are the most trusted partner for developing and testing the technologies,  developers reach out to users and enable

Mobile Application Development

The mobile application can be created for iOS and Android, The technology is advancing very rapidly.


Content Marketing

If you want Inbound Marketing success, content creation is the name of the game. You need to think like a media company.

Lead Generation

Leads Power Your Business
Do your businesses need a regular flow of qualified sales lead? If so, we can help

Paid Search Marketing

Magnify your reach, target the right audience, better promote your brand, gather marketing insights.

Email Marketing Services

Formulate an effective email marketing campaign to support your wider digital marketing efforts.

E-Commerce Services

Sell on Marketplaces, Our list has been developed keeping in view the latest E-Commerce market needs.

Creative Designing

We create brand identities and creative campaigns that capture people’s imaginations.

Audio & Video Marketing

Enhance your Brand Visibility with Affordable Video Marketing Services, Videos help you seen everywhere.

Analytics & Tracking

Analyse business your way
Dealing with an irregular business flow? Be on track with an analysis business.

Influencer Marketing

Run ads directly on top, go viral by executing the right influencer marketing strategy through our trusted influencers

OTT Advertising

Increase Leads & Sales with OTT Advertising & Connected TV Ads, video content on popular streaming platforms

SMS and WhatsApp Marketing

Send Better, Smarter, More Integrated SMS Messages with massive engagement and open rates

Marketing Automation

Escalate sales and revenue with automated workflow and valuable insight through the Integration.

CRM System

Integrate sales, marketing, support, and inventory management, you can manage your retail and supply chain operations.


Digital Alif aims at using the innovative approach in building PR strategies for clients and also measure its real-time impact. A think-tank of experienced personnel monitors the impact of our messages and ensures superior delivery of PR strategies.

About Digital Alif

We are Digital Alif Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and we help all Indian and International businesses with establishing a prominent online presence. Our team of experts stays on top of all the latest trends and is fully capable of leveraging them for marketing and branding purposes

Join hands with us as we assist you to enrich a footprint on the world through the medium of digital, as we have done for so many businesses

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