Facebook Blueprint: Learn Free Facebook Advertisement Manager.


1. Get Started With Marketing on Facebook

It’s a very basic topic in which the use of Facebook pages along with Instagram shopping and WhatsApp business account is mentioned which can help a business to grow more and generate sales.

2. Build an Online Business Presence With a Facebook Page

— How to Create a Facebook Page – business name, profile picture, cover picture, description, and contact information are needed.
— Facebook Tools for Businesses – Facebook Page tools – status, Photo, and video posts, get Message posts, Feeling or Activity posts.
– Further facebook stories, live, events, groups can help to improve business reach.
— Sell products and services – we can offer gift cards, discounts and use commerce manager to sell through Facebook and Instagram. Further, we can use page insights to learn more about page performance.

3. Establish a Facebook Page Following

We need to show that we’re open for business, some of the Engaging post ideas are –
–Showcasing the products that we have

–Meet the Team –  We can introduce employees to the community.
–Behind the scenes – We can show the people a side of a business that they don’t normally see.
–Ask a question – We can also encourage people to interact with a business by asking questions. Best practices for posting on a Page
-We should post frequently and the content that’s relating to the audience. Further, we can assign people roles:Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Jobs Manager, Analyst

4. Build an Online Business Presence With Instagram

Setting up an Instagram Business Account is mentioned in this module and we can sell the products and then the insight section will be there and create as with a business account and then edit the profile to add a profile photo, contact details, bio, business category, and CTA.

5. Connect With Customers on Instagram

We can create content such as posts, stories, IGTV, Reels, Live Videos to engage an audience and also reply to the comments, send DMs and we can automate replies as well through a messenger bot.

Create eye-catchy videos and shoot them vertically, image content with contrasting colors, write captions that encourage people to take action and between 125 to 250 characters, use right hashtags for the niche and for the location as well, tagging and mentioning people in a post or stories to create a community.

6. Use WhatsApp for a Business

Download the Whatsapp business app and create an account with the profile picture, business hours, location, description, and then link the same with Fb.

We can encourage people to interact with us on Whatsapp by creating short links, generating QR codes, adding CTA on FB page, advertising with CTA.

Further, we can create greetings, quick replies, away messages and we can also create labels for order completion, returns, etc.

Further, we can add a product catalog by adding info about each product – name, price, description, and images.

Catalog best practices – Keep it updated and use high-quality images for the products.

7.  Create Audiences in Ads Manager

Core audience – The default type – location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections are characteristic.

Custom audience – Custom Audiences enable us to connect with people who have previously shown interest in a business.

Lookalike audience –  A lookalike audience is a group that shares similar characteristics with an existing audience.

Types and how to set up the same in ads manager are covered.

We should further need a high-quality source audience to create a lookalike audience and we should start small with the % such as 1% is fine initially and then we should not layer additional targeting on a lookalike audience.

8. Choose Ad Placements, Budget, and Schedule in Ads Manager

CBO and on asset level budget can be defined

Further, we can be charged on impressions (CPM), Clicks (CPC), or on actions (CPA)

We can decide daily and lifetime budget and an account spending limit and also we can decide on a start and an end date for the campaign.

Placements – automatic and manual – there are many placement options that we can choose from – on FB, Messenger, Instagram, and on audience network.

Best Practices

We can use the Potential Audience Reach and Estimated Daily Results tools to gauge what the results may be and make changes if needed.

We can use tools like campaign budget optimization and automatic placements together to ensure an ad campaign remains profitable over time.

In the end, you’ll be awarded by Facebook blueprint certificate for e-Learning.

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