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Learn how Digital Alif gives professional training on various modules of Digital Marketing. Let’s understand these courses better.

Week 1- The Success Mindset

Week 3: Identifying Your Profitable Niche

Week 5: Becoming the King of Content

Week 7: Lead Generation & email Marketing

Week 9: Mastering Google Ads

Week 11: Deep Marketing Automation

Week 13: Personal Branding Mastery

Week 15: Digital Mentoring

Week 17: Google Analytic & Console

Week 19: Digital Freelancing

Week 21: WhatsApp and SMS Marketing

Week 2: The Laws of Marketing

Week 4: Creating Your WordPress Blog

Week 6: Social Media & Networking Mastery

Week 8: Mastering Facebook Ads

Week 10: Search Engine Optimisation

Week 12: E-commerce Marketing

Week 14: Digital Freelancing

Week 16: Affiliate Marketing

Week 18: Mastering Google AdSense

Week 20: Design & Creatives Marketing

Week 22: Igniting the Flame

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We are Digital Alif Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and we help all Indian and International businesses with establishing a prominent online presence. Our team of experts stays on top of all the latest trends and is fully capable of leveraging them for marketing and branding purposes

Join hands with us as we assist you to enrich a footprint on the world through the medium of digital, as we have done for so many businesses

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