Best Email Marketing tools for data scarp from LinkedIn sales navigator and Google search, Google Chrome extension for email address, and email marketing tools for lead generation and finding high-quality leads to your business.

If you are a digital marketer, digital marketing agency, or email marketer, stop!!  this is going to be an important topic for your lead generation part, This topic is going to help in scraping the emails address from LinkedIn and other various platforms

LinkedIn is an amazing resource for B2B lead generation. If your business sells to businesses it’s a great platform to be on. People who are on LinkedIn are serious, unlike on Facebook. LinkedIn presents a great opportunity for anyone looking for a contact, hiring someone, or doing B2B Sales.

Here are some google chrome extensions to find email addresses from LinkedIn:

1. LI Prospect Finder

Offered by


2. SalesQL

Offered by

3. Email Finder

Offered by

4. LinkedIn Email Finder

Offered by: LeadGibbon

5. Adapt – Find Emails

Offered by:

6. Email Finder

Offered by:

7. LinkedIn Email Finder – PIPILEADS

Offered by:

8. – Email Finder

Offered by: skrappiopteltd

9. Nymeria: The best personal email finder

Offered by:

10. Find Emails on Websites and Social Networks

Offered by:


There are many more tools available, you’ll get some free credit between 50 to 200 on the above-listed tools and premium is also available since you can go for purchase if it is required at a large number of usage. 

Here are some google chrome extensions to find email addresses from Google or Website:

  1. Email Hunter
  2. Email Finder by
  3. Hunter – Email Finder Extension
  4. Instant Data Scraper
  5. Find anyone’s email – Contact Out
  6. Skrapp Enrich
  7. Lusha – Easily find B2B contact information
  8. Clearbit Connect – Supercharge Gmail™
  9. Email extract
  10. Email Extractor

We hope you found this list of the best LinkedIn extractor tools.

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